Our Annual Pastor's Dinner

I have so much to talk about this time of year...that I have to control myself! :)
So today I am going to focus on our annual Pastor's Dinner.

Every year our Pastor has a dinner for his congregation. Just to say Thank You for being the GREAT people we are!! ha ha! I'm serious! He does!

It is a great time to reflect on what all has happened throughout that year. Sister Judy always collects pictures from everyone throughout the year and makes a slide show of ALL of them! It is amazing to see how fast a year goes by now that I have a child of my own.
I remember those days when the year used to DRAG on for forever...I didn't think Halloween was ever gonna get here!!

Now it just flies by! I still have to get my Christmas cards together and our family newsletter written!! ACK!

I think God speeds up time for you when you become a parent so you don't literally go insane and pull every strand of your hair out! I think he gives us an extra hour in the winter time to sleep because he knows the kids can't go outside and play ...and it saves mothers' sanity and we literally Praise God for that extra hour of darkness!!

Ok..am i the only one that does that?

Moving on...

Sister Myers..our Pastor's wife..decorated the tables..I could tell because she loves using curly willow! She put it in my flowers at my wedding! I have to admit..I love it too!

Everything was beautiful...our Youth put on a little show for us that was HILARIOUS!!!

It was a great night of food, friends, fun, and a lot of laughter!!
What can beat that?

I need to edit some more pictures....more to come!


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