Blessings 250-302

for a while I have been posting my blessings with Ann Voskamp over at A Holy Experience
Every one once in a while I seem to get off course..I started here on my blog counting blessings then I went to a notebook..but I want them all in one place..so here we go again..
Hope you all are having a great Monday!!
250 finding the perfect present

251 driving with family

252 ice cream at dads

253 choir practice when god attends

254 birthdays!

255 watching baby girl sign a birthday card for her friend
256. a faithful, forgiving husband
257 a warm house during chilly days
258 a daughter with joy in her eyes
259 a job at home
260 friends for my daughter
261 a dad that goes above and beyond still for me as an adult
262 a selfless brother who is a wonderful uncle
263 a tiny Chihuahua with a lot of bounce
264 a lazy Great Dane to cuddle with
265 brand new car smell
266 full laundry baskets
267 learning to crochet
268 my angel Natalie
269 thoughts of my grandma
270 stories of old
271 soft music as sunrise
272 hot rolls with melting butter
273 the view of "home"
274 fall leaves falling
275 four year old excitement of Christmas lights
276 smell of pumpkin
277 a book that reminds me gently that I only need to be quiet...God will fight for me
278 my husband's cooking
279 making it rain leaves
280 Princess lullabies
281 winter bringing early dark
282 cozy quilts made by hand
283 scarves
284 Tv Show gossip between friends
285 first fire of fall
286 laughing together as husband and wife
287 handwriting letters
288 my dad celebrating another year of life
289 cousins
290 being a helper to my husband
291 fellowship with women
292 the indention on my ring finger for wearing the same ring for Five Years!
293 manners
294 compliments on my daughter
295 surprise birthday cakes
296 talks with brother on the phone
297 his love for our country
298 his  hints of romance
299 pink paint
300 my mother never taking pride in her "grandma" role
301 super jumps and pull ups before bed
302 making my husband his favorite pie

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