Family pictures 2012

Well we got them in...barely...but we did!!
Remember this post when I reviewed our family pictures?

Here is a few of my favorites from our 2012 family pictures with Lyla being the big 4!
We used Mandie Faulkner Photography..and we will be using her again. She was so kind and so sweet! She absolutely amazing with Lyla!
I love a photographer that takes control. Mandie asked me what type of pictures I would like first. I told her my husband was a hunter and loved the woods so she actually picked out this location ..that I never knew exsisted.. and took some great pictures. She told us where to stand, how to sit..I love that! But she also asking if we had any ideas..or any spots that we would like to have a picture of.

Ok..long story short..
I love her! and I love these pictures!!

My favorite family photo ...ever!

Lyla had a blast taking pictures on Daddy's back!

That wasn't a heavy picture frame but she looks like she is struggling with it :)

This was our funny one when were trying to get the picture above this one.
Here is one of a crooked tree that Gregg wanted to be in a picture.. and Mandie made it happen. I love Lyla's face.
So happy we got these in..I am really trying not to miss a year. Kids change so quickly..but these yearly pictures are the only ones that have ALL three of us in them and I know they will be treasured.
Thank you Mandie Faulkner for being so great and taking these wonderful pictures!! 

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