No Brainer Blog Ebook Review

Last month I won a wonderful give away from Alana at the The Bliss Diaries.

It was an ebook called "The No Brainer Blog" by Hayley Morgan who blogs at The Tiny Twig.

I have to say..It was pretty helpful to me. I like to blog...it isn't one of my top priorities...and here lately I have been going back and forth with "blog" or "handwritten journal"

Some of you know..My life perspective has changed a little bit since the start of the year and I have had to place my priorities in a different order..including my blog.

But a BIG thank you goes out to those of you who read this and are sticking with me.

Back to the ebook!

I love a good helpful book and just can't help myself but to share a few good details...

One of the things that first jumped out at me was that I am not a "blogger"
I don't do a lot of things that "bloggers" do. I have never went to a conference, I don't check SEO's, I don't proof-read, I don't plan posts, I don't even keep up with the amount of readers or where they are coming from.

I am a mom, a wife, a friend, a child of God....who blogs.

My "No Brainer Blog" moment came within the first few pages of the book. I have seen a few people who blog pull the "my blog, my rules" card..I'm pulling it out! My blog, My rules....
If you have a blog..that is YOUR blog so follow YOUR rules

Here is a quote from the book:
"I firmly believe that if you run your blog based on what everyone else is doing, then you will not run that blog for long. Instead, it is important to think about how to make blogging sustainable for you"

Here are a few things this book starts out covering that I enjoyed reading about:

Do you need a "niche"?
Do you want to try to make an income from your blog?
What amount of time and money do you want to invest in your blog?
Defining your voice and a few writing prompts to get your started

Then she hops right into Design and Branding..which I secretly love..it goes well with my organized personality!

Another good quote!
"A no brainer brand thrives on freedom within limitation"

We move on to increasing readership and rules of social media.
And she ends with some worksheets.

All in all..good book...I would recommend reading it.
Go here to get it!

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  1. I'm headed to buy this ebook! Really need some blog perspective right now. It is on my mind MUCH of the time. Visiting you from AWB! Congrats on being blogger of the month!


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