Family Picture Review

I said that when Lyla entered our world we would have family pictures taken every year.
I did good up until this past year.

We had newborn pictures taken:

This is my favorite from her newborn pictures.

What is cuter than a baby in a basket?!
I remember in these newborn pictures; the very first picture we took we stripped Lyla down with no diaper and she peed on me. Very first picture. A welcoming into becoming a mom!
We had 1 year pictures taken:
This is my husband's favorite out of all the pictures we have taken

Lyla had the funniest expressions in this round of pictures. She was a ham that day and made us all laugh the whole time we were trying to take pictures.
Here is 2 year old pictures:
We got together with Gregg's family to take pictures for Mother's Day..so Lyla was still a pretty young two year old..but it counts right?

Here was our end product for Mothers' Day.
And the latest was the three year old pictures:
Again..she was still a very young three in these pictures..but she was officially three so they count!
Because I say so!

I love this one! I love her face. I love the angle. I love it.
You might recognize this one as my bloggy button.

For this years pictures Gregg and I were fighting about something....I can't even remember what it was over so obviously it was very important. I remember telling him to slap on a smile and deal with it. I think they turned out good! I love the "behind the scenes" info on photos.
So now it is on to the 4 year old pictures and I have this month to get them done! I have been slacking..I am a horrible mother! Kidding!
I have our pictures scheduled for Saturday ..THIS Saturday and I have no idea what we are wearing. I am not above going out and buying everyone new clothes to take family pictures in.
One...because I get new clothes
Two..because family pictures mean alot to me! This is my thing. I want to have a picture of us every year.
So what I need from you guys is advice!!
What is the hottest color to wear this season? As you can see we have never really did a "color coordinate" thing but I would like to. I know layering is a cool thing now and it is obviously going to be colder than the dickens when we take these pictures. My fault for waiting until December in Arkansas.
Leave me a link to some of your family pictures so I can get inspired.
Hope you are having a GREAT Tuesday!!

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