Almost Amish Chapter 4 and 5

Chapter four is all about Nature.
Time spent in God's creation reveals the face of God.

With all the electronics we have now a days that just suck our minutes away as fast as possible ...it is quite evident that we don't get outside as much as we should. I love to just sit outside. Just sit. I am so glad that I have my daughter used to just going outside..for no reason...just to be out there. Especially on a day like today ...it is beautiful outside today!

I am one that loves old abandoned buildings and houses...that just screams history to me. I love to look at them..study them. See what life was like back then.

I have also always wanted to have my own garden.
A quote from Nancy Sleeth says "Living off the land is a daily reminder of God's gifts"
So true..I would love to have a garden...but I can't even keep an aloe vera plan alive in my kitchen. I will definately have to increase my prayer life to take care of a garden!

This fall season I plan on taking Lyla out for picnics. What is more fun than a picnic for dinner? Pack up some sandwhiches..go to the park...or a look out from a cliff ..eat...relax.

Chapter five was about Simplicity!
Really..don't we all need more of that in our lives!

Simplicity really only takes staying local. Support your local neighborhood. I know things might be a little more expensive in your local area...but sometimes it isn't worth the gas to drive out of town to get whatever you need. Buy from farmers markets...small mom and pop shops....direct sales ladies that you know. All those people are trying to make a living for their family. Wal Mart could care less about my daughters dance classes or piano lessons and if I buy coffee creamer from there..all it is going to is the CEO's pocketbook. Nah! I ...from here on out...will definately make a conscious decision to stay local.

How many of you know your direct neighbor that lives beside you?
Sad... I don't. Now the one on the left of me..just moved in not to long ago..and seems to work alot so I hardly ever see them. The other one was recently divorced..but maybe now fixing things..and I just don't wanna bother. I don't want to bother either one of them actually. I know they don't know me..because we have never talked besides the curteious Hi .... Hello...

I plan on leaving them something this Halloween though..maybe that will be a conversation starter....hee hee...more to come on that!

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