Colossians Bible Study Day 1

I'm super excited to get started with the Good Morning Girls on reading Colossians!!

I love picking a part of the Bible and just digging in.

I was reading Job and was so inspired. I wondered if I had gone through what all he did..if I would have had the same faith as he did.

Now let's dig into Colossians..this is a book in the Bible that I actually haven't spent alot of time in..so I am ready!
I have started a Facebook group for this study and had quite a few friend ask to join..Yay! If you come along and find this interesting...please feel free to message me or leave me a comment and I will add you to our group!!

The study will start today. We will take just a few verses and a few minutes out of your day to spend time with God. Just one on one time with God. I have to admit sometimes I find myself to busy to sit and spend time with God.
To busy for God?

How could someone ever say that? But I do. I have an inhome preschool, dishes, laundry, bills, papers that need organized....etc.

But this is a way to have people that love you hold you accountable ...because we all know that you can not grow a relationship without time spent with each other.

I will be using the SOAP method....which is what the Good Morning Girls are using. I also have never used this method..so we will see how it works for me. You use whatever method you like. I am a writer. I have to write things down. If you just want to read and reflect. Do that. All I ask is that you come back here or to our facebook group and let us know you read the passage. And maybe how you plan to apply it to your life and what observations you had.

Today we are reading Colossians 1:1-4
I have gotten myself a notebook and written down my passage for the day...
which do you know is in the Bible? I didn't know that. See..already learning something.

Jeremiah 30:2 "This is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says: 'Write in a book all the words I have spoken to you.

A few things that jumped out at me from this passage is the word apostle.
Apostle means messenger.
Aren't we all messengers? Even if we don't have profound words..all we need is "Jesus Loves You" Maybe somebody needs to hear just that today.
by the will of God
that phrase just brings joy to my heart. Life is so much easier knowing that you are in the will of God. If you have prayed before making a decision and have seen God's answer for you..not matter what it is you can have no fear if it is in the will of God. He has it under control!
holy and faithful brothers in Christ
brothers in Christ. I have been going through a time where family doesn't seem much like family...or my definition of family anyway. I am thankful that we have brothers and sisters in Christ ... we are family.
we always thank God ..when we pray for you
How SWEET!! What a compliment! I thanked God for you today! I pray for people all the time. I pray for their souls..their situations...God's healing and direction in their lives...but I have to say that I have never prayed for thankfulness for them..just them...as a person..living on God's earth.
Hmmmm ...first day of reading..first passage of reading...and already an insight and a AHA moment!

I have already mentioned a few above..but I plan on being more of a messenger in God's will. Even if it is a simple "Jesus Loves You" ....maybe a card to say "I'm thinking of you"....
I am a mother, wife, sister, teacher and friend by the will of God..and I plan on doing those jobs that God has given me to the BEST of my ability! and yes...that means laundry! ugh!
When I pray for someone..for their situation ...I want to remember to thank God for THEM...for making them..putting them in my path to give me the opportunity to pray for them and watch God's miracles.


There is the SOAP method!! Not bad! I like it!

I am already feeling so inspired and so fulfilling by just reading four little verses!! Who would have thought that FOUR verses could make you think so much!

I don’t know what God will do personally in your life but I do know that if we come to his word faithfully we are going to be filled with living water…we will LIVE WELL!!

He will speak to you personally. About your life..your dark areas..your soul..your trials…along with mine..and I am excited!!

Come to his word with expectancy!!

No doubt we will gain spiritual wisdom and understanding...and who knows what else God has in store!

I do hope that you will join us and discuss what you got out of these four verses.
Here is the link to our Facebook Group..I will gladly add you!

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