Almost Amish: Chapter 3


Remember that book I was reading called Almost Amish?

It has been a while since I reviewed a chapter...but here we go again!

If you have been following along here is the Introduction ,  Chapter One ,   Chapter Two

Chapter 3 is about Finances

I really didn't want to read this chapter because I am so sick of thinking about finances. Now that my husband has decided to join the Air Force our financial situation will change drastically...that stresses me. I don't like change. I know that before it gets better we will have go through a drought...and I just want to skip that part.

I so desperately want to start my own preschool ...but to start a business you need finances...more than you would need on a regular basis.

The topic statement of this chapter is:
Saving more and spending less bring financial peace.

Easier said than done.

~Do I wish my home was less cluttered?
All the time. I am pretty good about getting rid of stuff...so I don't consider my house to cluttered. I am actually in an organizational challenge with the blog A Bowl Full of Lemons. Go to this post to read about it.

~Do I have to many clothes?
Yes I do. I have alot of clothes but not all of them fit. Some are "one day" clothes...some are "those days" clothes.

**Debt and Spending
Do you own a credit card and have credit card debt?
We have never nor will we ever own a credit card. We do finance but only on big purchases such as our house or a car.

Do you pay tithes?
I don't want to cross anyone's religion but my belief is that you are supposed to pay tithes to church that you want to support. My husband and I discuss tithing all the time. Let's just say we don't see eye to eye.

I do want to learn more about retirement plans, COD's, IRA's, FEMAEIAAK's....OMG! All that confuses me!! I'm like a two year old in college when it comes to that stuff.

I am not a big shopper...
my husband on the other hand.....is
Mainly for outdoor stuff...but he is a shopper...moreso than I am

Do you buy presents out of guilt or obligation?
Well of course...if you go to a birthday party...you have to take a gift. But the gift doesn't have to break your bank account. You could actually make a gift that would mean just as much!

Here's a thought...
How many times have you look for something and couldn't find it....so you just went out and bought another one?

That is what made me start decluttering and organizing..if everything has a place..less things would be lost.  That way we only buy what we NEED!

I love that in the Amish community instead of gifts of material things...family and friends go over and help paint thier new home. If someone loses a job their neighbor shares their garden produce with them. And all that would work..if your neighbor with no job doesn't start taking advantage of you...which ...sad to say...happens all the time now a days.

How often do you think of your finances?
All the time...when you think of something all the time ..it quickly becomes an idol of worship. Money succumbs my mind, my thoughts, before I do anything we check the bank account.

Jesus should succumb my mind, my thoughts..before I go anywhere I should pray and check my bible for insight.

but it doesn't work that way

This is another "discussion" among my husband and I about our tithes...
I say jump in blind...tithe..and let God provide.
If we have to sell our house and downsize ...then it was in God's will and we will be moving forward to something he has planned.
My realist husband said we can't afford to tithe...
but if we don't give God a situation to prove to us he will provide..how will we ever be able to lean on him to provide?

another post
another time
moving on

Be honest with yourself..
Grab a notebook and a pen
Walk around your house from room to room
and just jot down the things you don't need
I said NEED
not have to HAVE because Big Brother is an awesome TV show that I HAVE to watch (which comes on in an hour and a half) ..or I HAVE to get on facebook so I have to HAVE the internet

We don't NEED a TV
or the antique sewing machine that doesn't work
the camoflauge recliner
the extra computer desk
the four hundreth strawberry shortcake doll

We need family...
We need support...
We need food...
maybe a little chocolate...you know for blood sugar purposes....

anyway..I have realized reading this chapter...
I have a lot of luxuries
I have all my necessities

God has supplied ALL my NEEDS

We own alot of stuff...and don't even enjoy it.

Chores...Do your children do chores? Do they have a chart? Do they get a reward?
Amish kids are expected to help around the house
Lyla doesn't have chores.
Set chores that she is made to do every day..
She is asked to help..and she is expected to do as she is asked..with no reward but a simple "Thank You" and love.
I don't want her to dread chores. I don't want her to dread housekeeping..I want her to enjoy keeping her home when she is older..I want her to know that I do those things to honor my husband and her. I do those things out of love to make thier lives easier.

The statement that stuck out to me most in this chapter is :
The goal is to make a living; not make a killing.

Be happy with what you have!
And think before you buy your next thing that will sit in your house and take up your energy to dust it or move it from room to room.

Follow along with others as we discuss this book over at Crimson to Wool with Rachel..who is fixing to turn 32..hop over there and wish her a wonderful birthday!!

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