Week One: kitchen before

Remember the post I wrote a few days ago about a Home Organizatioinal Challenge...
Well if you don't ..you don't read my blog enough..
Shame on you!

Anyway..the post is here.

This week we are focusing on our kitchens. My kitchen is pretty much organized...but totally not decorated.
Here are a few pictures of my kitchen..
Which is not up to my satisfaction so please don't judge!!

I didn't clean up to take these pictures..this is my house..at the spur of the moment!


Here is my kitchen table..the dining room chairs are in the living room because and all her princesses were watching a movie..obviously they don't feel the need to sit on our Ashley furniture..they want the dining room chairs. Anyway..you will my denim jacket..cause it was actually cool outside that day..my purse..Lyla's childrens' church paper...etc..
see didn't clean up

This wall I hate..this was one of those moments when we moved in and Gregg said..
Where is this mirror shelf going?
I said
I don't know right now
So...he put it up there..
I hate it!
But I am thinking it might be a good spto for either a chalkboard wall or a control center with a calender some hooks and maybe a bulletin board or something...
Which one you think?

side of the fridge
we are big fans of rapunzel in this house

is there really a way to organize all this junk?

pots and pans..i try not to keep a ton of these..a few were in the dishwasher..but i only keep what i need to cook with..no extras


my baking cabinet

small appliances

under the sink
ha ha
nothing but dishwasher cleaner and magic erasers

crockpot and ...no lie...the rubbermaid container that Gregg puts his fish in when he catches them until they get cleaned so HE can eat them...
if your married to an outdoorsman ..you will understand

dog bones, bubbles, medicines, vitamins, band aids, potholders and the basket is for Gregg's keys, wallet, etc.

containers and dishes...and lunch boxes

other side of fridge..
ok.need to clean that off..

here is our bills basket..looks junky but it works for us.
I do need a better system though

plates and bowls

pitchers and cookie jars


here is looking from my dining table through my kitchen ...
if you go through that door..and go left..you enter the living room
right takes you right out the front door
I don't think I have alot of organizing to do..
I try to keep everything in the kitchen to a necessary level
I just need decor
and a person with a decor mind...because for some reason..
i just can not think of what i want to do in here
I will post later picures of everything put away and cleaned up!

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  1. I would put a calendar under the mirror shelf, like a wipe off board type, and another small table for things to remember to take with me as I leave.
    As for the bills basket - if the system works, don't mess with it!


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