Pinteresting! Halloween Edition

 How cute and easy will these be?? Save some toilet paper rolls..cut holes out ...insert glow stick...and BAM! Eeeery...Sppooookky...Glowing eyes in your bushes!!
 Got a bundt pan? Make two bundt cakes...pour some orange icing on top and stick an ice cream cone in for the stem! Pumpkin cake!!
 How super cute are these? Micheals sells the plain burlap pennet..you could paint yourself.

This WILL be a snack for my kiddos in October. Pretzel stick...stick on marshmallows on either side....dip in white chocolate
Love this..but probably to lazy to do it. Cover an old book..use a sharpie and write on spine.

This is a must do with my kiddos too! 
Hmm...if Gregg doesn't go for the Mary Poppins and Chimney Sweeper guy...then this is a second option

and...I just had to throw this in there!


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