Intro to 31 Days...

Last year in October The Nester did a series of blogging for 31 days. She picked one topic and blogged about the same topic for the whole month of October. There was quite a few people that followed along.

Last year I was very intimidated ...
I couldn't think of ONE topic to blog about...
more or less blog about ONE topic for a whole month

This year I thought I would try it...

I'm not picking a specific topic so that I don't set myself up for failure..
Let's just be honest...I'm not a scheduled blogger.. I mean I can't even get through a full month of Photo of the Day by Fat Mum Slim.

No lie..I just pressed the space bar twice thinking a period would pop up. Those of us with iPhones will understand that.

So my topic for the month of October is

31 Days of Loveliness


[luhv-lee] Show IPA adjective, love·li·er, love·li·est, noun, plural love·lies, adverb
charmingly or exquisitely beautiful: a lovely flower.
having a beauty that appeals to the heart or mind as well as to the eye, as a person or a face.
delightful; highly pleasing: to have a lovely time.
of a great moral or spiritual beauty: a lovely character.
Just Loveliness
So expect things that I think are Just Lovely...ha!
Probably gonna be alot of Pinterest ...maybe some YouTube videos...a recipe... a word of encouragement...maybe a bible verse..
Nothing specific

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