bringing faith to life

I have a confession.

When I wake up in the morning one of the first things I do is look at my iPhone.
Love me or Hate me...that's what I do.
No apologies!

I usually look at the news app and weather app to "prepare" for my day. Then I go to my Feedler app to read any new blog posts.

Well this morning I came across Kelly's blog post about this link up called "Build 'em Up"
I am not really into the Fashion Friday or Menu Monday linkys ....not because they are bad...but because I have no fashion and I don't make a menu...so there isn't much out there for me...

Until I came across this.
If there is one thing that I can link up about in a discussion ..it is my faith.

I love having those very tense religious discussions...only I don't feel tense because I'm not trying to "win" anyone over to my side..and I really take an interest in what others believe. I mean who's to say that either one of us is 100% right?

I believe that this is the first edition of this linky and the "theme" is
 Bringing Faith to Life

How do I bring my faith to life?

I have been thinking on this for a while now which reminds me that I love how God works in my life. I usually have a topic just fluttering in my head and then one day when I sit down to read or play on the computer that topic is all over the place.

Lately that topic is being the wife, mother....Woman..that God wants me to be. The woman that I want to be an example for my daughter.

Earlier this year I wrote a post about finding me in 2013
I had realized that before my husband left for Basic Training..that I was making so many excuses not to clean or do laundry...I just wanted to rest.
Is that the woman that I want my daughter to become?
Absolutely not!

Once my husband was gone...I loved finding his random shirts in the laundry to fold and put away. I was happy to do it. I missed cooking big meals for all of us to eat.
All thing things I wanted rest from..I missed.

Yesterday I was stalking Courtney's new blog and watching all her videos that she posted when I came across her Proverbs 31 bible study. I had known for a while that she had that on her blog and on every email when you subscribe to her blog..but I just ignored it.

I didn't really want to be a Proverbs 31 Woman..it looked exhausting.and I didn't have the energy for it.

How humbling is this? How pathetic was I? Oh my word!

I don't want my daughter to see me hating folding her clothes, dreading cooking dinner, putting off mopping the floors.

I want my daughter to see me take pride in our home, lovingly fold my husband's clothes, have her help me make dinner...
I want her to know that being a mother and taking care of your home is an important job...a prideful job...a respectable job!

This video was my "awakening"

So I downloaded Courtney's bible study on the Proverbs 31 woman.. rounded up a few women and we are doing a 14 week bible study on this woman! And I am overjoyed!

So to bring my faith to life is to LIVE MY FAITH

Live my role that God set out for me.
I am so excited to step into that role and get started!!!


  1. Hey, thanks for the comment. I was trying to figure out if I could message you back on your Google+ profile, but Google+ still really confuses me!

    I started really blogging when Josh joined the AF because I was so overwhelmed and had so many questions. It was really helpful to find some other wives out there! It's great to find Christian AF wives, so thanks for contacting me.

    Congrats and good luck with joining the AF! If you have ANY questions I'm at katemariecraig@gmail.com

  2. I am a first thing in the morning iPhone checker, too. Love this post! Thank you for sharing your heart! I can't wait to read more of your blog!

  3. I love this. So much of it is in our attitudes. And sometimes being a "home maker" just isn't all that fun. But it should be my joy to take care of my family. My biggest grumble is over matching up socks. Ick. But I should be happy to do that for my husband and be joyful and praise Him for all of my duties. Because it's my joy to bless my family. Thank you for this post and for linking up with us today!

  4. I am a first think in the morning iphone checker - nice to know there are others. Like you when I am thinking about subject, it appears in my life...you blog is that for me today. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I"m glad this is a link up you can jump on! I think it's so important to share our faith and encourage each other! And I love what you said about your daughter to see you HAPPILY doing the small things. I need to work on that too!


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