Who am I?

the mom who does not ask anyone to watch my child for me to get a "mommy" break. I was taught that when I have children they are MY responsibility...not my mothers or anyone else for that matter. She is mine and I will take care of her with all of my being.  
the mom who doesn't like to be away from my child AT ALL..call me clingy..call me whatever...I love my daughter. She will go shopping with me and she will go on vacations with me. If children aren't allowed..I probably won't be able to make it.  
the mom who likes to know what my child is doing at all times..if she has ate..if she is feeling OK..I want to know

I am NOT
the mom and woman who invites people over just to have a sit down dinner at the table and talk. Come over and watch the game, come over and play games, come over and craft and I will feed you..but do not expect a formal dinner and chatting.
that girl who doesn't allow herself to be walked on...my daddy would slap me at the age of 28 if I allowed someone to devalue me. If you respect me and my family..we shouldn't have a problem.  
sensitive and I do have feelings...you might not see them all the time..but they are there..and when I push them down for so long..eventually they will come out and you will see them in full force.

a woman who believes that you don't say things " because you were mad " ..I think that is a bunch of bull. I think when you are mad is usually when the truth comes out.

the wife that respects and trusts her husband's judgement. I will go along with what he decides for our family.
a planner...I like to be ahead of schedule and we are always on a schedule.  

a person who does everything right and I am humble enough to admit that.
I don't dress up..
I like jeans and a Tshirt 
I love Jesus, Dr Pepper and Cool Ranch Doritos.
My family is my priority.
my house is never fully cleaned and organized
I'm not perfect
but I am me
all i can offer is me
my side of the story
my view of the world
I can offer a house full of humor, love, and dogs
toys and dress up clothes on the floor
my stories 
my thoughts 
a precious little girl growing up before my eyes
pictures ...probably way to many
heartaches and struggles
moments of joy and blessings

I can offer you a viewfinder into my daily life

but what I can't do 
and what I can not offer 

is me being someone I'm not
trying to make everyone happy and just forgetting how i feel and who I am
trying to fit in when I was never really apart of the picture to begin with

I am not going to pretend that my child is dressed cute every day
my shelves aren't dusted, neither is my ceiling fan, 
I don't like to cook and I barely have time to shave in the shower

All you get here ...is me...in reality...

and I'm not apologizing..
No More Apologies

I think that this has been what God has needed me to go through for a while
a test to see if I am strong enough to be ME
fully me
Don't be afraid to tell your story..Don't be afraid to be YOU

YOU ...in reality

Something you have gone through ..someone else is going through now and may need to hear your imperfect story. Every single story is worth telling. Someone will want to listen.

So am i going to start writing short stories and novels...
No..absolutely not! 

But I am going to write us.. our story ..our life.. in reality.

Here is your viewfinder. I hope you like it.


It is so nice to know that I am not talking to myself. I love reading your comments and I try to respond to each and every one! Thank you for stopping by!