Are you actually thinking of homeschooling?

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If you are a friend of mine on facebook or have "liked" my blog facebook page you have probably seen homeschool posts like crazy.
They are random and probably repetitive.

My friends and family are asking if I am "actually" thinking of homeschooling my daughter.

"Actually" I am

I haven't made a final decision as for our long term plan but we are blessed that Lyla was born four days after the public school official cut off date for Kindergarten so we kind of get a free year to try out homeschooling to see how it goes and if we like it.

My husband isn't as on board as I am with homeschooling. He thinks she is going to miss out on a lot that public school offers such as sports, extracurricular activities, prom, graduation, etc. He thinks she won't have those real close friends from high school.

So as we have our "free" year I am excited to see what he thinks after that year is over...then we will make our decision whether or not to continue or not.

I have been actively researching homeschool curriculums and Oh My Goodness! could that be any more overwhelming??

The homeschool community you find when you start researching is so nice and kind. They are quick to help and answer any questions you may have ...no matter how many times you ask the same question.

Because they have all been there before.

Let me be clear what is overwhelming about choosing a curriculum.
They are all great!
It is hard to choose just one.

You have so many options when you are choosing a homeschooling curriculum.
  • Completely laid out for you with lesson plans
  • Do it yourself
  • Free
  • Expensive
  • four days a week
  • five days a week
  • parent taught
  •  or satellite taught by a licensed teacher

You really have free reign to go whichever direction you choose with your child.

I have been in research mode like crazy.. so I could talk to you about statistics, curriculums, answers to the famous "socialization" question...I'm soaking in all the homeschool information I can. I have already met some really great women and I haven't even started yet!

I am also researching the new Common Core Standard Curriuculum that all the public schools are switching to now... I have not really found a solid piece of information on that saying exactly what it is. I know it has kind of like "benchmarks" for each learning area..but I am not understanding what the difference is from what teachers and schools are doing now.

So to answer your question again..
Yes..I am actually thinking of homeschooler baby girl!

Expect more homeschool posts...homeschool status updates, questions, and random conversations about the latest news I have learned about homeschool.

Friends and family ...BEWARE ... I might just break out into a homeschool conversation... please forgive me and just let me talk it out...

What do you think of homeschooling?
Would you "actually" think of homeschooling your children?


  1. Common core is basically for the children who are the slower learners. If your child is a slower learner then it will benefit them. If not then your child has to "wait" on those children to "get it". To sum it up most teachers from public schools and most homeschoolers oppose it.

  2. We homeschool, it is right for our family. We have adapted curriculum to each kiddos learnign style (which take a while to figure out). There are so many wonderful benefits, but the close knit core family we have is by far one of my favorites. For your hubby, Tim Tebow act just passed a few weeks ago here in Arkansas (HB 1789, see my latest blog post abaout that at The Park Wife) and our boys play music, soccer and take Tae Kwon Do, they have plenty of socialization with people of all ages. You can call or email me anytime and ask questions.

  3. Thank you ... I did just see that law pass! I will tell him about that. Another thing that I never thought of about homeschool is that if you have multiple children you can buy a curriculum for each ..and one that fit their learning style because all children learn differently.
    But when they go to public school all 27 kids in that class are supposed to learn in the same way..when we all know that each child is an individual in their learning needs.

    I have heard a lot of people disagree with common core.. I need to do a little more research on it so I can be informed when I do talk about it.

  4. I WAS homeschooled, second grade all the way through high school! I could tell you SO much... suffice it to say that I am so thankful I was, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. :) So excited for you guys--and if you have anything you want to ask a veteran, let me know!! :)

    1. Jaimie
      Thanks..Why are so thankful you were homeschooled? Did you miss having a graduation at a public school or prom?
      The only thing I worry about it is my daughter getting bored being at home, but I know once we start extracurricular activities like piano lessons we will be out and about.

  5. I am not just "actually" thinking about it. We have "actually" homeschooled for almost six years. Like you, we had a "trial" year when my older daughter was 4

    We never expected to homeschool. God called us to, and I'm thankful we heeded the call!

  6. I know exactly where you are coming from. We have homeschooled for 5 yrs now and will graduate our first senior in one yr. It can be so overwhelming at first (and sometimes, still).

    Once you make the decision,the best advice I can give you is "don't look back". You will have days where that big yellow school bus looks like a dream driving by. ;) However, you can't think that way. The good days will out weigh the bad, by a mile!

    Also, even after 5 yrs of homeschooling, I have to limit how many blogs, articles, curriculum sites I look at. Everything looks like it'd be "better" than what we are doing. I wasted so much $$ in the first couple of years looking for that golden carrot. Once you find that curriculum that works for you and your child, just stick with it and add little things from time-to-time.

    Let me know if I can help in anyway. My only regret is that we did not start homeschooling from the beginning. I could have saved my boys so much pain and grief (bullying, uncaring teachers, etc).

    1. Ohhhh, we are a part of a HUGE homeschool group. We do field trips, occasional classes, prom and even host a high school graduation for our graduates. If you don't have a group like that in your area now, it's highly likely you will by the time your child reaches 12th grade. Homeschool is mainstream now and these kids DO NOT miss out on "socialization".


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