You aren't Southern until....

My whole life I considered myself a country girl..
Heck people have called me "Country Girl" as a nickname

I like jeans and tshirt or hoodies when it's cold
I am not much into high heels or bling

But little did I know that I was lying to myself

You aren't Southern until...............................
 you have fried bologna....says my husband.

Sunday during church all he could focus on was fried bologna. It was almost annoying. I have no idea what the sermon was about or what songs we even sang...but I do know that my husband was craving fried bologna.

So we had to make a special trip to the grocery store to get bologna...while I was there I picked myself and baby girl up an actual lunch..

came home to fry this bologna...this was a first for me so he had to stand by me to tell me how he liked it...

My first piece he tried and said, "This is good, Nikki"
Wow...it must have been good...or he must have been craving it for a long time because he never calls me by my name.

Gregg asked Lyla if she wanted to try it...He just called it "meat" because if he had called it fried bologna there is absolutely no way she would have ate it. I thought with ever fiber of my being that there was no way she was going to like it...and to my surprise she responded with, "That's delicious!"


I still didn't try it.
I ate my Ceasar salad..
and it was good enough!

So there it is...
I am now officially Southern.

I can FRY bologna!

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  1. I'm from Mississippi and I was born and raised on Fried Bologna. Now, you've got me craving it. :)


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