My Joy Story!


There is a new blog in town!
and I am writing a monthly post for it!

I am so excited to be joining Angela and writing for her new encouraging blog called Joy Comes in the Morning
Could there be a better name? How great is that? Come what may...but Joy will always be there in the morning!

This new blog is dedicated to finding the places of joy in your life..there is a great team of writers writing about all types of topics. Right now we are sharing Joy Stories and linking up for Rubie Tuesdays. Come check it out!

Joy Comes in the Morning

Today is my turn to share my Joy Story...

 My Joy Story

That should be easy!
Should I write about my husband, my daughter, my dogs! Maybe our church or my wonderful job that allows me to stay home. My new car. My new iPad. I have so many joys; how do I pick just one?

Head on over to Joy Comes in the Morning to see what my personal joy is in my life.  

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