Blogger is slow & more WDW

For some reason Blogger on my computer is running way slow and not uploading pictures the right ....so some might be turned sideways...because blogger isn't turning them like i had them...wierd...nothing can be easy for me....i should have been prepared for this!! lol!
So here we are ...We made it!!
Lyla is such a good traveller...I can't brag on her enough! Once the car gets going..she is out like a light! She slept pretty much the whole way..and when she woke up she watched a few movies. She never really whined or cried...such a big girl! She kept telling us that she wanted to go to Mickey Mouse House and we would say, "We're getting there..slowly but surely!"
Well the other day we were going to Chuck E Cheese for my nephews birthday and we were riding with my mother in law...Lyla said " I wanna go to Landon's birthday party" ....my mother in law said, "We going..slowly but surely!" ..... and Lyla replied, "oh ...don't say that!!"
I don't think I have ever laughed so hard!!!
Anyway...here we are at the hotel!! We stayed at Port Orleans-Riverside. It is made to look like old southern Louisana back in the days of Mark Twain. All the hotels looked like beautiful southern mansions. There were gazebos, ferns, and flowers everywhere!!!

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