Moving on with my vacation posts...
So we followed our friends Trish and Tyson to Florida...
*note to self: find my own directions! ha ha...
Trish failed to mention to me that she was using a thing called an atlas
**laughs loudly**
Does anyone know what that is?
Back in 1842...the pilgrims used a thing called an atlas ....
just kidding...
We were making fun of her .... but she is a strong woman....she stood by her atlas!
We never got lost...we just went through some major-ly little towns....and I admit I was a little afriad to walk around the side of the building to go potty
Here's Trish's family...aren't they so cute!! Look at Trish's hands up in the air..saying...Yay...We're Here!!!

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  1. Hi Nikki! I just came over here from the Family in Faith thread on Blog Frog and wanted to say hi!

    I can't wait to read more about your vacation! Disney is my favorite place on earth!


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