Our WDW resort...

Here is Gregg and Lyla finally making the stroll into the Lobby so we...and my we..I mean ME...can check us in.

The Lobby....it was beautiful!!

Loved the giant doors that lead into the Dining Hall....GREAT food!!!

This was our little boat docking station...you could get on one of those boats and ride around the little river that went all the way around our resort in the picture below....so relaxing!!

The grass so green and so plush that you could just lay in it..I didn't ...but you could of!

Cute little gazebo that we had planned on taking pictures in..but got to exhausted during the week and on our last trip by it to go to the car to head home I asked Gregg if he wanted to stop and get a picture..Lyla and Gregg at the same time said NO..Let's just go home! LOL! They were getting tired of me taking pictures.

How sweet was this little walk way!!! love love love it!!

The spirit of Mickey Mouse was everywhere!!

Our Room!

As soon as we got there..we walked across the pool area to see what it looked like then went up to our room....which was a mistake because then Lyla said about 457 times...Let's go swimming....Let's go swimming...
So within 15 minutes of driving 19 hours and finally reaching a nice comfy bed....we were in the Big Pool swimming like Nemo!
In the picture above you can see that her feet are hardly even touching the steps....She was pretty much air running to get to the pool while Gregg held her up...she was so excited...but....she is the reason we went so the goal was to make Lyla have FUN...no matter the cost (money or sleep) for mom and dad!

I have to apologize for the pictures...I havent edited any of them....there is so many...i think i took like 900 pictures

I didn't want to miss anything!

So some of these pictures are while I was walking....some Lyla took.....some Gregg took.....but you get the idea. 


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