On the road ...

First of all bear with me...because this vacation was a kind that we don't take often.
We don't hardly ever take vacation...so this was pretty special.
It's gonna be a long story...but I'm gonna tell it...because I don't want to miss a memory or a thought or a feeling...
So it's gonna take a few posts!!!
Gregg usually works all the time...Lyla and I are busy with school and playing so it is rough for us to have non interupted family time.
So we took the plunge and booked a trip to Walt Disney World!!
We were so excited because our good friends were going with us..so not only were we gonna get to hang out together as a family...Lyla would have friends to play with and we could actually have adult conversations!!!
but first ....was the 19 hour drive from Arkansas to Florida
So we had to have dinner on the road...She didn't mind...she thought it was cool!
And here we go....off off and away!!

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  1. Yay for Disney posts! I can't wait to hear all the stories!!


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