2011 photo challenge

As I was pinning....while I should have been cleaning.....I came across a lovely little blog called Oh So Lovely

The author Sherry is teaming up with one of her friends and having a photo challenge in the month of August.

Just 30 days

a photo a day

easy enough....

Here's the plan:

I am just gonna use my Iphone...something quick and easy

You can use whatever you want ...a big camera, your phone, a polaroid...doesn't matter

On Sherry's blog she has a few ideas of how people before us have done it....so you might wanna swing over there and take a look....

I love this idea...so i am jumping in....

Starting in August ....I'm gonna snap a shot from my phone...then post it on here....it will be cool to see what August looked like a few years from now.

Join me..I wanna see your pictures too!!

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