Family Saturday Movie Night

I'm taking a break on vacation posts for just a minute ....
beause last night was stinking cute.

Gregg had to work yesterday ....so when he got home we had a good supper *rib eye steaks, mashed potatoes, corn and pound cake for dessert* then sat moaning while we were all stuffed full!!

As we were flipping through the channels on TV...which is rare because I hardly ever watch live TV anymore since the invention of the DVR...we found Beauty and the Beast.
We found right at the beginning so Belle was in her blue dress and Lyla argued with us for almost the whole movie that that woman was NOT Belle because we just took a picture with her and she wore a yellow dress!

That girl knows what she is talking about!!  And she will stand firm...no matter what...which is good i guess.

We really really liked the movie right up until the Beast was mean to Belle...then she made us turn the lights on in the living room.

I had to explain why the Beast was a Beast and that he will be nice her to later and turn into a wonderful prince...so she took me at my word and watched it.

I gonna whisper this next part .......ssshhh
*Gregg watched it with us...probably more intenly than Lyla did....ha ha.....when the commercial would go off...it would be Gregg yelling, "Belle is back on!"**

And if he tell me that one of you told him I posted this ...I will delete this post and call you a liar!!  :)

So of course I had to snap just a couple pictures of Lyla watching the princess she took a picture with....

I love the seriousness in her face!! She is really concentrating...and when I took this picture....I don't even think she knew I was there because she never looked my direction.

And ...here is our picture with Belle in her YELLOW dress!!

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  1. That's so sweet! Your dinner sounds DELICIOUS and my husband does exactly the same thing. He'll beg for an action movie, then when I put "my" DIsney movie on, he can't tear his eyes from the screen! So funny!


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