Shutterfly is back for the holiday!!

I remember last year at my preschool Christmas party for my kiddos in class I had a parent give me a Christmas card.


But it was a thick card...and the pictures were so cute and the colors on the card looked amazing..so I asked her where she got them...

She smiled ... and went all in talking about Shutterfly.

So this year I just caught Cleam Mama's post on winning a challenge for Shutterfly Christmas cards. I have all my fingers crossed that I win one of these challenges because if I don't win..I'm going to have to buy them anyway!

So I went to Shutterfly's blog and seen a few of thier options for cards this holiday season.

Here are a few of my favorites:

How stinking cute are all of those...

How are you supposed to choose!!???

Thank you Shutterfly for being so cardliciously awesome!!!

If you blog..go here and cross your fingers to win!!

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