roaming through pictures

I take SO many pictures with my phone ...that I can't keep up with them all!!
so for my post today..I'm just roam through my pictures and see what we got!

Aww..found this picture...I miss all those little angels...The one bad thing about being a preschool teacher is you get SO attatched to EVERY kid in your care...that it is hard to step away and make decisions for youself personally...because you think more of your students than you do yourself. I had the opportunity to work three minutes from home instead of driving 20 miles to work...I have to admit...I wanted to stay where I was...I was comfortable....I made my little classroom like my little home away from home....and it was the hardest decision I have had to make in a LONG time..but it was better for my family and our finances to drive half a mile instead of 20. I believe with all myheart that God placed me where I am today....It is a wonderful facility with wonderful people who really care abotu kids..... But I still miss my CCC friends and I am blessed to have gotten this wonderful picture!!!

My little angel before church last Sunday!

Showing off something she found in my purse....with her shoes on the wrong feet

Lyla and her preschool teacher at Cavanaugh ....Ms Katie...She LOVED Ms Katie!! Still talks about her!

Trying to get a "first day of preschool" picture

gave up

This was her favorite past time on the drive to work when I worked at CCC.

Somtimes I think it is good for the soul to roam through pictures....
Good memories....Good times......

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