We officially have a new addition to our family!

Her name is Nala.

She is a Great Dane.

I absolutely love her.

I love her color...she is like a blue/gray...I love her eyes...they are a bright blue!

She has such a cute little personality...but she isn't little at all...she is 9 weeks old and you can tell by the pictures that she takes up most of the recliner. She loves to cuddle. That is pretty much the only time she will whine. Then once you get up in the recliner and get settled in...if you move..she will growl and grumble at you because you moved her. So funny! She is the laziest puppy I have ever seen..which is good...she still has puppy habit like chewing and of course we have work on house breaking...when she is in the house...while I am at work ..she stays outside.

She loves Lyla...and that is what I wanted! I'm so happy!

Here are a few pictures of Nala this past weekend.

Saturday morning about 8am we woke up..Nala and Lyla climbed up in the recliner.

Lyla got down to go play....Nala still there an hour later at 9am

Lyla getting dressed to go play outside...Nala was quiet so I went to go check on her....10am...still sleeping in the recliner!

Oh to be a dog!

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