Bow hunting and Fair Fun!

We have all just fallen out of bed...
Lyla is playing in her room
Gregg is folding laundry..yay!  ...I should really go help him
and I thought I would jump on here to upload a few more memories in pictures...

I love this picture of my husband..

and Lyla can not WAIT to get to go hunting with her Daddy.
She talks all the time about how she is going to kill a big buck and get to pet it. LOL!!
Her Daddy told her she could go with him when she was 5..so we are now counting down!

Gregg had to go to work..so Lyla, me and my mother in law went to the county fair.
We went at 6pm...thinking it would cool...no
steaming hot!

biggest corn dog i have ever seen

Lyla tried a maze house....
she did NOT like the spinning green tunnel you had to go through to exit the house

and..just a memory verse from church..
love it!

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