BLOGtober Fest Day 1: Fall Fashion and Decorating

I am proud to be apart of an amazing group of women who blog in the Natural State of Arkansas!!
There for a long while I thought I was the only crazy woman who blogged in Arkansas..little did I know there is some major blogs in our state!!

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Even if you aren't from Arkansas...join us in our challenge anyway!!

This fall AWB is doing a bloggy challenge called BLOGtober Fest and I couldn't be any more excited!

I'm excited to meet other Arkanasas bloggers
I'm excited to be challenged
and challenged on things that I normally wouldn't blog about...

so we shall see how it goes!

Today is:
BLOGtober Fest Day 1: Fall Fashion and Decorating

I know nothing of Fashion..so that is out the window
But I do know how to PIN on Pinterest ..so I got this!

There are so many ideas out there for Fall Decorating...so I decided to slim mine down to Fall Wreaths. Who doesn't love a great wreath!? I would have a wreath on every door in my house if my husband woudn't make fun of me.

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  1. Very cute ideas! I liked them along. Be sure to check mine out too!


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