Photo a day (week 1)

Ha ha.have you ever seen a post like that before?
Photo a day is to much for me so I am just taking the pictures but uploading them in weeks.

I figured out that my blog press app needed an update ... So we shall see if this works.

Week one

Day 1: where you stood

We have been in an hopscotch stage.

Day 2: lunchtime

Oh Ihop .. How I love thee!!

Day3: this happened today

Headed to the park!!

Day 4: what I'm reading

Hard but true and my life is so much more joyful after I learned this hard lesson.

Day 5: shadow

It was a gloomy day so no sun to make shadows ... I made my own. This is a tree in our front yard.

Day 6: I'm thankful for

For days like this

Day 7: light

I love the spots of light that comes through our shade tree

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