BLOGtober Fest Day 2

Here is Day 2 of Arkansas Women Bloggers BLOGtober Fest.

If you missed Day 1...Shame on you! and you can go HERE to read it and get some important links on how to keep up with Arkansas Women Blogers *AWB*

Today is:
BLOGtober Fest Day 2: Halloween Memories

I absolutely love Halloween! I love decorating for Halloween...I love the kids dressing up ...I LOVE the candy!!
I mean what is NOT to love about Halloween...you can go as spooky or glittery as you like!

I never really dressed up over the age of 10 I think...but when I became a preschool teacher I dressed up on Halloween for the kids in my class. I have to admit..I have a witch's costume hanging in my closet at this very moment...complete with purple and black striped tights, hat and wig!

I have always wanted to throw a Major Halloween party..and one day I will!!

I don't really have any old pictures of me dressed up as a little kid ...I'm sure mom has all those..Thank Goodness! But I remember one year going as a pop princess..one year was a hobo...and another Dopey.

My latest "teacher" costume was a football player...

That is my best Heisman pose...
My husband let me know that it was not good!

Here are some crazy girls that I used to work with!

What is your Halloween Memories??

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