Menu Plan Monday

Here lately .. we have been learning to penny pinch.
So the biggest idea I have heard from everyone is to menu plan.

Here we go:

I love that it is getting colder weather here in Arkansas....woo pig sooie.....Yesterday it was in the 50's all day I think...and that means Crock Pot Cooking!

I am going to have to get more in touch with my menu planner side..but here is a rough draft in hopes that in weeks ...months to come  eventually I will get better!!

Monday: Breakfast Casserole ..found by husband...if it is actually good..I will post recipe
Tuesday: Taco Soup .. from Plain Chicken
Wednesday: Church night/leftovers
Thursday: Pot Roast  ...recipe from BudgetSavvy Diva
Friday: We eat out or Leftovers

OK..there ya go!

Do you have a weekly menu? or Are you a super planner and do a monthly menu?
What is it? Any tips or advice for a newbie menu planner???



  1. I do mine 2 weeks at a time! Also plan around whats on sale that will help you save even more.

  2. I am not that good.. You need to teach me!

    Breakfast casserole: not my fav


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