Day 3 BLOGtober Fest

Woo Hoo Day 3!

I have loved reading all the blogs in my area..I feel like I have gotten to know a few of you alot better!!
I love that I found Arkansas Women Bloggers!

If you aren't quite sure what I am talking about...then
#1. You don't read my blog enough
#2. You can go here for Day 1 and Day 2

Just wanted to put in a nice reminder to visit my silent auction for Julee Turner..
You can see what I have in the auction here

Today's topic for BLOGtober Fest is:

 Fall Traditions

Our little family consists of just me, Gregg, and Lyla...along with a couple dogs.....but we are really just now getting the groove of creating our own traditions. I am a big lover of tradition..I feel like it gives a sense of security and "home"

We don't have many set in stone but one thing we all usually do in the Hallween/Fall season is visit the Wild Things Farm pumpkin patch.

We actually just went Monday..so here is our tradition in pictures.

Do you have any Halloween Traditions?

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