BMT Graduation Coin Ceremony!!

This is the day that Baby girl and I have been waiting on since the start of this new year!!
We have prayed this day would come fast...and it is finally here.

Hotel is booked.
Car is ready.
Bags are packed.

We are off! Yay!

I don't know who is more excited ..me to see my husband...Lyla to see her daddy...or my dad to see his son in law!

My dad was so so proud of Gregg. It warms my heart that my family loves Gregg so much and that Gregg returns that love just as much!

Here is our calendar. The day Gregg left we started marking off our days until we seen him again. I put a smiley face on the day we left to go see him and every day Lyla would put an "X" on that day. We would count how many days we had left..and jump and giggle....We really jumped and giggled when we got down to single digit numbers!!

woo hoo! Here we go! Blanket..Hello Kitty..Coloring book...Snacks! We are ready! A wonderful friend let me borrow her DVD player that straps to the back of your headrest...which was a LIFESAVER! The morning we left I plugged in the DVD player and it blew the fuse..so I had to run around town to buy a fuse..then take it to the shop to get it put in..the super nice guy didn't charge me anything...I was just so ready to get on the road to my husband!

So thankful Uncle Colton decided to ride with us..he was such a great help with me for Lyla. Anytime she needed a drink ..or a snack..or help..he was right there and I could focus on driving. We had a ten hour trip ahead of us to get to Lackland AFB  in San Antonio, TX from Arkansas. I told him that Lyla was napping and that he needed to nap..and I would be OK. So he got a little shut eye..before he hit Dallas..He wanted to wake up and see the big buildings in Dallas.

This is us! Here! At Lackland AFB! OMG! I am so excited I can hardly stand it! I can NOT wait to see my husband! I wasn't sad..I had no tears..I just wanted to see him! Here we were at his coin ceremony..which was tremendous! My dad and his friend stayed off base so they were trying to find where I was and I had no idea so I couldn't tell them anything. I was really worried dad was going to miss it.
Colton stayed the night with me and Lyla on base to make sure we were ok.. So sweet I tell ya.. I couldn't ask for a better brother! After the coin ceremony was the first time they released the trainees to their families. I raced down there to find him and it didn't take me long at all to spot him eventhough they seriously all looked the same! Thank God Colton was there to keep me, Lyla, and stroller altogether because I was in a bee line to get my husband! I just grabbed his arm and spun him around and hugged him.
Best hug of my life.
Then I looked up and seen Dad!! Yay! He made it! He said he had to park and walk a mile and a half..but he made it..and he even had tears in his eyes he was so proud! I was so happy to see Gregg I didn't even think to take pictures..I was worried about making him as comfortable as possible as soon as possible. I had him some comfy clothes at the hotel room..I had pizza on order.. and could not wait to get to the hotel room and just be normal!!
Lyla wasn't to sure about Daddy at first after the coin ceremony because he had no hair and his hat was on..but once we got to the hotel room..and realized it was her Daddy and nothing had changed..she quickly had a ton of games for us to play! We jumped on the bed..played...tickled.. laughed...so happy to be a normal family again!

The only bad thing is that we had to take him back to his dorm at night. So this is us taking him back..I remembered to get a picture then. Even though it is dark I love love love this picture.

I love Lyla in this picture..and doesn't my husband look so handsome in uniform!?

In the mini mall we found Mrs M&M and Lyla wanted her picture with her.
Gotta keep our priorities straight!!

Besides marrying my husband, having my daughter and finding Jesus...this day ranks at the top of my list!
Thank you Jesus for making our days go by fast!
 Thank you Jesus for the WingMom group and all the lovely ladies that I had a pleasure of meeting. Thank you Jesus for keeping me and Lyla safe and sound while my husband went to achieve a dream. I am so blessed.
 Blessed beyond measure.

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  1. I didn't take any pictures of us after the coin ceremony either... and he was definitely ready to be OFF base!


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