March iPhone pictures

Do you have a DSLR camera sitting in your closet collecting dust?
I do.

It makes me a little sad but my iPhone camera is so convienent and takes pretty good pictures.
I am always snapping pictures..and I love pictures of every day life. Nothing really posed even though now my daughter has a sixth sense of when I am about to take a picture and she strikes a pose impromptu! Love it!

I haven't posted about Project Life..but it is a great new way to scrapbook all those pictures stuck in your computer. There is really no rhyme or reason to it..just take your pictures..put them in page protectors with pockets that are the exact size of your pictures...write a few notes on a card and slide that in a pocket too ..and BAM! You have a scrapbook!

I love it! I plan to get all my pictures off my computer and off CD's and into a scrapbook that can be looked at.

Anyway. Here is what they call an iPhone Dump...

Here in Arkansas we can have sunshine one day and snow the next..that is what happened on this day! It snowed but the sun was coming out so we wanted to get out there and enjoy it fast. I told Lyla to go throw on some warm clothes and her rain boots...and Wah-Lah! This is what I got..and we made it work! Love this girl!

Love the nights that Uncle Colton sleeps over. Gregg was gone to Basic Training so Colton would like to sleep over sometimes just to help me out and make sure everything was ok. What a great little brother! While Gregg was gone Lyla would sleep with me in my bed..so Uncle Colton opted to sleep in the Rapunzel Princess bed instead of the couch. Priceless Memories!

Here was another crazy day.. sunny..then hail hit. It hailed so much in such a little period of time that it looked like snow...but all that is ice.

Baby girl had a bad earache one night..poor thing. There was nothing I could really do..so we put some ear drops in and laid on a warm washcloth. I sure don't like it when my baby is hurting..I stayed up all night that night. Motherhood is a hard sometimes..but such a blessing.
I have to get back in my groove of uploading my pictures weekly to keep up with my Project Life. My husband just bought me a new laptop that is ALL MINE ..so I am very excited to start anew!!! 

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  1. Discovered your blog through blog challenge. Love the pictures. I have an iPhone as well. Your post inspires me to take advantage of my phone camera more.

    Enjoyed reading your blog!


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