Time for Tea

a cheesy text between me and my husband that I will cherish forever

Wow.. where has the time gone!?

I guess I took a non scheduled Bloggy Break. Time to sit down with a cup of tea and catch up!

Life has been so busy lately ..and we are always on our toes wondering when the day is that my husband will leave again for the Air Force. So we have been making every moment count while we have it in front of us! Baby girl is always wondering if dad walks out the door if he is going to come back which has made it hard for either one of us to leave her sight....even for a second. So I put blogging aside for a while to tend to my family.. that is what us mothers do right? But I am super happy happy happy that my blog and you all are still there when I decide to sit down again and spill my thoughts out!

Since the last time I wrote..
*we have celebrated Easter.. at my mother in laws...good time was had by... most
*I was nominated for a blogging award..the Leibster Award..yay!
*had some great homeschooling conversations.. I am praying diligently about this topic
*started two bible studies with Good Morning Girls.. One in the book of Luke and one about the Proverbs 31 woman which I am loving!
*my computer got a virus
*convinced my husband to buy me my own laptop ( getting it this weekend)
*and started a new business with Initials Inc

and I can't wait to catch up on all that wonderful stuff!!
I shall be back!

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