Awesome Find...Gotta check it out!

I found a blog...don't know how..called Grace is Overrated and she makes her own journal pages.

They are supercute!!

That is just an example of what they look like...i love them...
She makes them like fill in the blank..which cute quirky questions to answer!!
I think right now she has created 25 of them.

my plan is to put them all in a binder....i have already printed them all off....and do one a day....
I think it would be great to pick a month and do this once a year so you can look back and see what was going on in that particular month of that year...

I hope she makes many many more!

You gotta go see them!!!

You all can join in if you want! We can make it a group thing!!!
Today is my Day Number One!

Here is a tid bit of what i have to fill in ....

One thing I MUST to today.....

One thing i would LOVE to do today.....

One thing I am totally putting off today....

5 people that make me smile:

it has a word association game:
like the word strawberry:______
and you fill in what you first think of when you read strawberry

On the Menu Tonight:
some cute quotes!

and a lightning round:
real quick questions that you circle an answer
toilet paper over or under? minty or fruity gum? roses or tulips?



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