playing with our not so puppy anymore

I know i didn't post on here when we got Gunner...but he was soooo cute..sooo little...
and now...
he is huge!! and he isn't even a year old!

Here is Gunner as a puppy!

Thank goodness he is an outside dog! Here is Gunner now..

Today we took a little time out of our day to show Gunner some attention...sometimes i feel bad because he is in our backyard and we get so busy that we dont' show him enough attention..
now my husband on the other hand shows Gunner more attention than he does me!
So please don't worry the dog is NOT mistreated..but Lyla and I are busy women!

Out we went into our backyard ....and snapped a few pictures of our time with Gunner!

He is a big klutz...and sometimes he barks and gets on my ever loving nerve...but looking at these pictures makes me love him even more!



  1. Nikki,
    Gunner is so cute! Our dog, Jackson, is also such an adorable klutz. He used to be little too...now he's about 70 pounds, and hopefully, has stopped growing!

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