Day 1 of Truth and Rennovation

Day One: Something you hate about yourself.

Wow..isn't that something easy to do. I know everyone has something that they don't like about themselves....especially after having a baby...so of course i would start off with that I hate I don't have a six pack..but have come to the conslusion that I will never have one..so I have made peace with that!

I don't like that I get off work at 5 and can't go to the gym because I am ultimately responsible for Lyla since Gregg works second shift. I don't like that I get jealous of Gregg sometimes when he gets to do what he wants before work because the shift he works allows for that ..and I am continuously stuck in Momma role. I dont' like that I get in negative moods sometimes and see everything in a negative light. I don't like that I don't thoroughly enjoy cooking and baking. I don't like that it is hard for me to say no to people and I get my hand involved in alot more than I should..then I am overly exhausted! I dont' like that I am indecisive...especially when it comes to decorating. ugh! And last but not least...I don't like that I don't make time to call my friends just to say Hello or see what's goin on?  But I got a whole lot of cards that I send out to let them know that I am thinking about them!

And today ...after I clean up the house...and Gregg gets home from work....we are starting to paint in Lyla's room. woo hoo! The paint sample on the top of the paint can doesn't look like what I picked out..but it is the paint with the primer in it...so maybe after we get it on the walls it will dry the color I picked. I pray!
I will post pictures later!!

Remember to link up if you are doing 30 days of truth with me..so I can read all about your truths!!



  1. I completely know what you mean! My husband does so much but sometimes it's easy to forget that and be upset for always being stuck in the Mommy role. Sometimes I feel like my life and the things I want to do are on hold to play Mom while he goes out and does what he wants. Then I feel back for feeling that way. It's a little twisted that we can make ourselves feel guilty for it!

    ...stopping in from Lady Blogger Tea Party!

  2. How very bold of you for taking on this challenge! Everyone needs a little dose of truth once in awhile. Visiting from the Lady Bloggers! Have a great weekend!

  3. I think it is amazing you are being so honest and open, what a wonderful eye opening challenge you are taking.

    *hopped over from lady bloggers :)

  4. I am doing 30 days of truth as well!! Also,I tagged you in my latest post! ::Kristin::


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