Joining the Gym..aahh!!

ok..so if you are a regular reader ...you would know that my little girl turned two a few weeks ago...
if you didn't know that..you need to start reading my blog more...you will miss alot!

Now that she is two...I got to thinking that no one is going to believe the reason i haven't lost my baby weight is because I JUST had a baby...she is out of the baby stage and on to the toddler/preschooler stage...

so ..here i go ....again...to the gym!
I start Monday...right off the bat!

they have a class at 5am...to get your day started but i don't know if i am that excited about the gym...i will go to the one at 4pm though...after work...after a full day of work...with children...i don't know...maybe i will to tired...
is there a class around 6?
that would be supper time...dang!

maybe around 7....no after supper is bath time then bedtime...

well i don't have time to exhaust myself anymore! sorry!

 I can do this!!!
I can do this!!
i CAN do this!!!

not at 5am ....


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