Better School Food!

I love Rachel Ray...not just for her cooking but for her love of kids and the burden she has for them to eat healthy!
I am a subscriber to her Yum O Newsletter and today this article was in there:

On August 5th, 2010, the Senate passed their version of the Child Nutrition bill, just before departing for summer recess. We are hoping that the House of Representatives will return from recess and pass the current version of their bill, which has almost double the funding the Senate's has. From there, the House and Senate will need to reconcile any differences into one bill to send to the President's desk. But if they can't agree on a Child Nutrition bill before September 30th, millions of children will miss out on improved access to the nutritious food they need to learn and grow. It’s not too late to let your Congress members know that child nutrition is important to you!

I do agree that most schools do need healthier food choices...and you never know sometimes the lunch they get at school might be the only meal they get all day..so it needs to be a good one!


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