My Morning Routine.....for right now

Since school has started...this is my current morning routine...once i get this down pretty good..i will add a few more things...like empty the dishwasher...or start a load of laundry...but right now it is all i can do to Rise and Shine! So we will just stick with this for a while!

Rise and Shine….6am!
Pray..and give the day to God!!
Dress to shoes
Swish and Swipe

Think about my day
Check calendar for appts
Make list of what I’m going to do today
Thaw something for dinner

Now time to wake Lyla
get her dressed to shoes
fill sippy cup/tv time
fix hair

Grab Launch Pad and be out of the house by 7:50am!

The Launch Pad is everything i need to grab on the way out my door...if you are a Flybaby then you already know that...but I made a list of things to go on my Launch Pad ....#1 because i like lists and #2 some days i completely go brainless

*Lyla's Launch Pad
- Diaper bag
- Sunglasses
- Itch cream
- Panies/pull ups
- Wipes
- Extra clothes
- Snacks
- Toys
- Hair bands/comb
- Bottle of water

*At preschool…Lyla needs:
- Blanket
- Sheet
- Panies/pull ups
- Extra clothes
- Wipes
- Sunscreen

*Momma's Launch Pad
- Purse
- Sunglasses
- Lunch
- Drink
- Phone


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