Dear Lyla,

Yesterday your Nanny and Poppa came over to help Daddy finish the floor in your room. It looks amazing. When you got to go in there...you said "I LOVE IT" You are so funny!

While you were napping..I went to church and when I got back I let your Nanny wake you up. When you finally woke up we took Nanny to the park and showed her how you slide down the big slide all by yourself. It makes me crazy that you do it..but you do a good job..I just worry! You are getting so big. I know I will say that for the rest of your life but you are! After we played at the park we ran by Wal Mart to get a few things for a boy that we go to church with who is living behind our church.

His grandpa kicked him out and he had no where to go. So we took him a few things and invited him over to just hang out for a while. You and Uncle Colton made him feel very welcome. He said he enjoyed himself.

Daddy and I bought you a Power Wheels four wheeler for you birthday and you will NOT ride the thing. You won't push the button to make it go. I have tried and tried to show you how fun it would be...even tried giving you candy! Uncle Colton comes over and says ..hey get on there and show me how you ride it..and you just hop right on and take off!


Supper is cooking right now and you are getting hungry.

Love you with all my heart!


Your Momma

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