Don't like laundry...have your kids do it!!!

Laundry is a household duty that most every mom dreads but it can be a great way to practice early science concepts for kids!

I love love love when the new Scholastic Parent and Child magazine comes out...they have such good ideas and articles..i love to read it!
This is one article in there..

1. Sort
start your laundry by sorting it all out - darks, brights, whites, towels, jeans  ***or if your my husband - darks and lights***
This is a great way to learn to sort...no matter what age of child...and also learn color groups! After the laundry is all sorted...
Search for stains!  When you find a stain..talk about it. I know sounds wierd..but it gets their memory going...recalling what happened...how did that stain get there?

2. Load
once the laundry has been sorted and treated for stains...have your child load the washer ...read the measuring instructions on the detergent...let your child pour it and measure it

3. Wash
include your child in selecting the right wash cycle...talk about the cycle the washer goes through to wash all the clothes...you can also add other cycles..life cycles of the frog, butterfly...rain evaporation...

4. Dry
observe the changes of the clothes from washer to when they get out of the dryer..where did the water go..how did the dryer dry your clothes? Talk about the heat.

5. Fold
kids love to fold and sort clean laundry. have them match socks, organize clothes by family member, by size, color, item (shirts,jeans)...have the little ones smell the laundry and make sure it smells good and clean

Don't forget to give a big hug and a big thank you for helping with an important household chore...
and maybe..you just got a load of laundry done for the day!

Next....we gotta get them kids cooking!!!



  1. I love it! And I just have to add that my husband's sorting habits sound about the same :)

    (stopping by from SITS!)

  2. Mine are teenagers now, so I say teach em' young!

  3. My 5 year old knows how to help with the laundry, she has started asking me if she can make dinner, and last night I taught her how to wash dishes.

    I'm all for teaching kids to have responsibilities young!


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