I am a bloggy recruiter!!

So last night while my cousin and I were having our weekly Friday craft night..where we don't craft and just sit at the table and gossip or get on the computer and listen to old music videos while the kids dance in the background....
I was selling the bloggy world to her..i think everyone should have a blog...
it is a great place to vent..to meet people...to find out answers to your questions...get encouragement...
if everyone had a blog I think we would all know just a little bit more about each other..and we wouldn't have to facade to hide behind!

all of us moms know we aren't perfect.....we all know that we aren't rich enough to buy ourselves a Coke swimming in money....and sometimes everyone's husband has MAN PMS...that's life...

So my cousin finally decided to jump in the blogoshpere and give it a try..
so go offer some encouragement..and help get her started!!



  1. That's awesome! I'm sure people don't understand why I blog, but it's a whole new world that I want to explore. It's amazing to think of how many people we get to know that we would never meet in our daily lives!

  2. what a great blog! I'd have to agree 100% I love blogging. It's my escape.


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