I am a woman..hear me Roar!

I have come to the harsh realization that ....when things break around here...I need to learn how to fix it. Since my husband's job sees him more than I do...I am skating on the brink of single motherhood...and let me tell you..it is NOT fun.  I have a new found respect for all the single mothers out there...you should get some kind of free pampering day to yourself!

I will call my congressman about that!

Nothing major has broke around our house...besides the water pipe in Lyla's room..and our air conditioner...and our car maintenance man telling us that our car could explode at any minute...so I'm not worried...

but today when I flushed the guest bathroom toilet....i don't know why i use the guest bathroom...i just do...guest bathrooms need love too!....anyway...water was seeping out from underneath it.

What do i do?

I stand there and watch it...like I can use my supermommy powers to stop the water from seeping out and dry up my floor

well..while i was standing there watching the toilet....I had come to the realization...that I need to learn how to be handy!

How hard can it be?

First I need to go shopping...right? yes!

Everything should start with shopping!

I need a few things to fill up a tool box and according to a few websites (at the bottom of the post) I was surfing around on..here is the list of stuff i will need to shop for:

a battery powered screwdriver or drill
a utility knife
a caulking gun
a hammer
duct tape
electical tape
teflon tape
picture hangers
wall anchors
thin wire
and of course a tool box

and if i could get this all in pink..that would be wonderful!!!

I think with all those supplies I could fix just about anything....

I'm ready to be handy!

Here are a few websites i was looking around at today:
Ron Hazelton

Have a good night!


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