Post it and FlyLady

Today according to Flylady...which if you haven't heard of..i would so reccommend going to check out her website...www.flylady.net
it is kinda confusing at first..but when you get down your routine...it so so so helps!
it has helped me out alot..right now you cant' tell because my house is a disaster because of all the new flooring...but i am getting back on track!
Today was Pamper  Yourself Day!
another reason to love FlyLady!

Today i read my book...i took some time to just sit and watch tv..i watched the Sister Wives..i love that dang show! can't help it..it is like a train wreck...can't stop!!

and right now i am looking for something sweet to eat..and having no luck!

what did you do for YOU today??

We are also starting the Holiday Missions to help get ourselves and our houses ready for holidays..
Today it was start a notebook of gift lists, family clothing sizes, etc..anything you need to remember during those busy times.

Tomorrow...it is find all your wrapping paper and tags...and put them in one central location.


  1. Hey there! I'm a new follower from the Friday blog hop :)


  2. I started following FlyLady after my second was born...but haven't really ever actually STARTED any of the processes. I may have to check it out again since my dissaray of my house is one of my biggest issues

  3. My husband's cousin (21 and a newlywed) is a very funny and nice guy. He refers to slapping his wife's booty as "keepin' the pimp hand strong". That is hilarious... until my husband tries to do it. ;-)


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