John Grisham give a way!

If your reading this on facebook you should have already seen my posts ....but I wanted to write a post to let everyone of my bloggy readers know that ...

at A Peek At Karen's World is giving away a John Grisham book.

if you haven't read a John Grisham book..you need to...and there isn't one particular one that i would point you to..because all of them are good! Bleachers is a short one that is good ..so that might be a good starter to see if you like his writing ..but i am sure you will! He is an amazing author!

so hop on over to A Peek at Karen's World and enter the give away!



  1. Stopping by to say hi!

    Thanks for linking up my giveaway!

  2. no problem..hope i win!! *fingers crossed*


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