A visit to Papa David's house

Tonight we went to my dad's house...papa david to Lyla....
we always have such a great time over there..
I love talking to my dad....and Lyla loves how funny he is. She laughs the whole time we are there.
And where my dad lives is one of those old timey towns...it has about 200 people in the whole town...everyone knows everyone...
the tornado siren goes off when the store gets bait stocked....kidding
you know what i'm talking about..
so at dad's house every weekend..all the guys (and gals) come down and they all play horse shoes.
everyone gets along...i love it.
i love the feel of family eventhough no one is related!
I love that lyla gets to experience that...and i know that it will be a memory of hers when she gets older.

i remember running into my papa damon's house (my dad's dad) and going straight to the kitchen to the table and to the cookie jar to get two (one for each hand) cookies!
I also remember he always had a lucky horseshoe above his shop door.

how ironic. huh?

i have memories that are burned into my brain...and i love them..i cherish them!
i want lyla to have the same!

I cherish the times i have with my dad.
I cherish seeing him act crazy with Lyla and watching her laugh until she is out of breath.

I love it.


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