IPhone pictures

Before I uploaded all the pictures from my iPhone this last time I had over 1,000 on my phone.

Um.. My phone is the camera I turn to all the time. It's always on me and my three year old decided to do cute things very spontaneously.

So before I get to 1,000 I'm going just throw some random pictures in here

Love that little wet handprint!!

My little ballerina!!! How precious!!

Showing off her zebra bathing suit

When mom goes to the bathroom.. It's an exciting time obviously because every person and animal joins me.

Eating lunch and singing Disney theme songs!

Getting classroom ready for private preschool!! Love the dr suess posters!! Thanks Amber!

Went to McDonald's yesterday for lunch after tagging the cars ( all by ourselves.. Daddy had no confidence that we could handle it because usually he does it)

My big baby

My wonderful shade tree that I sit under and read while lyla plays

Such a sweet little girl... I am blessed!!

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