Day One: Morning

Day 1 of Fat Mum Slim's Photo Challenge is Morning

This morning I was walking into the garage to get in the car to head to work and I seen this:

Lyla's baby crib
I love that crib...
I can still see her laying it
so small that she made the crib look huge
I love the color
the style
I love everything about it
but now instead of a teeny tiny baby girl that sleeps curled up with plenty of room on each side of her in that crib
I have a princess that needs a "princess bed" ...which is a canopy bed....that gets up at 2am every night to come cuddle with her momma
All I can think is ....
This won't last long
so when I hear little pitter patter of feet coming down the hall
I smile
pick her up
tuck her in under my arm
and cuddle!
and Thank God I have a healthy smart beautiful baby girl that filled every hole in my heart

Thank you for Day 1 of June
Great Memories!

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  1. I am behind already, due to a conference I am helping with at church. But hopefully will catch up tomorrow. I would love for you to join my weekly link up of the photo challenge each Thursday!


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