Father's Day Adventures

This kinda goes along with the photo challenge of out and about..I'm going to use for that anyway..I love love love editing photos in picasa..I need to spend a little more time on figuring out what all Picasa can do.

Here is Ms Lyla swimming at her Nanny Norma's and Papa Jeff's house...that is always a big reason for going up there...Nanny always gets the little kiddos a pool to splash in..
Hate to say it though..
the little pool...
is just about to little now
time to upgrade!

Uncle Colton suprised us and said he was coming over to spend the night! Yay!
We love hanging out with Uncle Colton!

Here is Gregg and Colton playing the Wii

Had to shake the controller for some reason...
I couldn't pass up that shot!

This is what they were playing..
it was fun!

Then off fishing

looking at the worms

Lyla was amazed by them
until I said, "Lyla look they are trying to get out!"
She screamed, "AAHH, Uncle Colton!!"

No way No how were we fishing without our shot of M & M's

First fish!
She wanted to pet it

Classic picture!
I love it!
I have one of me and my uncle this way!
M&M's in pocket!

Then we went to another lake...
fishing stopped ...
swimming started

Uncle colton found a hole

Then we ended the night with ice cream and daddy on the couch!

I don't think I could have had a better day!
Thank You Jesus for my family
and days like this!

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